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EGR Delete

The EGR valve is a valve that recycles the engine gases back through the engine cycle to be used again reducing emissions. It helps reduce the amount of the nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the exhaust gases. Nitrogen oxides are normally formed in the process of combustion in the engine cylinders. 

Like with all parts there comes a time when they dont function like they should and cause more hassle then there worth, they fail due to becoming clogged up with unburned gases turned to soot and cause engine issue and or limp mode.

DPF Delete

All modern diesel cars/vans come equipped with a DPF – Diesel particulate filter

The function of the DPF is to filter and remove out toxic particles out of the exhaust because they only have a finite capacity, this traps soot periodically and has to be emptied or 'burned off' to regenerate the DPF. Eventually the DPF filter becomes over clogged meaning it can no longer be cleaned, with this then puts strain on the engine causing the ENGINE MANAGEMENT LIGHT to show. This causes limp mode and can lead to turbo damage/ failure and even engine failure.

ADblue Delete

When the dreaded happens you get a warning light on the dash " adblue " followed by either "low mileage count" or the worst of them all "non start" due to adblue levels too low or the Adblue tank has a fault. We can apply a software patch to your vehicle like many others we have helped in the same situation. even stuck on a job or at a local supermarket if your lucky you could still be at work.

Gearbox Remapping - Not just DSG

We can tune most gearboxes not just VAG DSG boxes.

This helps with:

  • Increased torque limiters
  • Quicker gear shifts
  • Increase RPM
  • Disable auto kick-down in manual mode
  • Adjust gear shifts between E,D & S mode
  • Optimise launch control

Pop & Bang / Overrun crackles

We can tune your ECU to use unburnt fuel on overrun to create a "pops & bangs" sound from the exhaust.

The vehicle must be Decat or have a sports cat fitted at very minimum. 


This is an engine damaging process, the customer accepts this on requesting the service.

Speed Limit - Vmaxx removal

We can lift or remove your speed limiter, this may be due to buying an ex-fleet vehicle / Van etc

or may be fitted from factory!

ECU Cloning Service inc VAG MED/EDC17

If you have a faulty ECU we can normally take the data from your old ECU and install into your replacement ecu to get your vehicle running again.

This includes VAG Group vehicles where the immo data needs adapting before cloning. 

Swirl Flap Delete

Is your vehicle suffering from swirl flap/intake runner issue's?

We can normally solve this with a simple software patch written to your vehicles ECU solving any limp home issues.

Pops & bangs Golf GTi

Stage 1 decat Pop & Bang remap

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